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Lectures on Gandhi 2020 - 2022:

2022 - 2021 - 2020

Epic Journey - 21 September - 15 October 2022:

"The 25-Day program had 51 events covering 14 Universities, 11 Colleges and 16 Institutions across 9 states in India. The program was taken with great enthusiasm and hope for future programs of togetherness and collective action."


Lectures 2014 - 2019:

2019, 30 November: London - Friends House [with Dominique Miething]:
The No More War Movement and the Anti-Conscription Manifesto

Poster - Programme

2019, 2 October: Nuremberg - Caritas-Pirckheimer-House
(Consulate General of India, Munich - German-Indian Society):
Mahatma Gandhi and the Nuremberg Principles

Poster - Report

2019, 27 September: Linz (Austria) - Knowledge Tower (Symposium on Gandhi):
Satyagraha: Emancipation from Slavery and War. Gandhi's Theory and Practice of Nonviolent Resistance against political systems of oppression


2019, June 8: Lyon - École normale supérieure de Lyon (ENS) [with Dominique Miething]:
Gustav Landauer and the revolutionary principle of non-violent non-cooperation

Poster - Programme

2019, May 31: Berlin - Africa House (Farafina Afrika-Haus e. V.):
Mahatma Gandhi's "Satyagraha" Concept of Nonviolent Resistance in South Africa


2018, September 19: City of Peace Linz (Austria) - 1938: Year of Commemoration (Old City Hall Linz):
Carl von Ossietzky - Journalist, Pacifist, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Programme - Film

2018, May 4: Commemorating Nobel Peace Laureate Carl von Ossietzky
(at the Ossietzky honoral grave in Berlin): World Citizen Ossietzky

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2017, September 29: City of Peace Linz (Austria) - Peace and Nonviolence (Old City Hall Linz):
Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862 - civil disobedience and creative protest


2017, July 29: Comune di Monteleone di Puglia / Centro Internazionale per la Nonviolenza Mahatma Gandhi (Da Monteleone un Mosaico di Pace che ci Piace - Corso di formazione - aggiornamento per i docenti sull' Educazione alla Pace, Monteleone di Puglia, Italy): Il pacifismo tedesco del secondo dopoguerra e l'uso didattico delle mostre dedicate alle personalita della nonviolenza
[with the scientist and translator Dr. Francesco Pistolato]


2016, March 16: University of Leeds (England, United Kingdom): Karl Kraus, Kurt Tucholsky, Carl von Ossietzky and the Nie Wieder Krieg! (Never again War!, or; No more War!) demonstrations between 1919 and 1924 in Germany and Austria

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2015, October 16: Humboldt-University Berlin: Mahatma Gandhi in the eyes of Professor Albert Einstein, Carl von Ossietzky and Arnold Zweig - presentation of the German edition of: Gandhi's Iutstanding Leadership (Gandhis herausragende Führungsqualitäten), with the author, Mr. Pascal Alan Nazareth, former Amabassador of India

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2015, April 10: Humboldt-University Berlin: Mahatma Gandhi and Herbert Fischer - presentation of Herbert Fischer's essay: Mahatma Gandhi - personal reminiscences (German language)

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2014, May 2: Vilnius Jewish Public Library: Hermann Kallenbach, friend of Mahatma Gandhi, and the remembrance sculpture project for Ruse (Lithuania) (audio-visual presentation)

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